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We are always keen to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our work and always try our best to meet their specific requirements. So it’s always a pleasure when clients express their appreciation. Here are some comments from clients about Janine’s recent projects:

I understand you’ve had large volumes of work for Appelberg lately, and many assignments with parallel schedules. Not easy to manage, but you’ve done a great job.

Therefore, I want to express our gratitude for your devoted work, for meeting our quality expectations and sometimes tricky deadlines!

It is such a pleasure working with you.

Inger Finell, Language Manager, Appelberg Publishing, Stockholm

As part of Xerox’s long-standing contract with Scania CV AB for translation and terminology services, Janine has played a key role for more than a decade in ensuring delivery of high quality Swedish to English translation and terminology services.

Using her extensive linguistic knowledge, Janine acts on behalf of Xerox as a key terminology consultant, helping Scania to determine and achieve correct English terms and definitions for key Swedish automotive concepts.

She also delivers consistent and high-quality translations from Swedish into English for a wide range of Scania information product types and plays a leading role in implementing the quality assurance of work carried out by other translators.

Her terminology focus and experience coupled with her quality focus in translation, her commitment to agreed delivery dates and excellent communication skills make Janine a highly valuable linguistic asset to any organisation fortunate enough to work with her.

Kristin Melstrom, Client Manager, Xerox Limited, Uxbridge

After going through your text we are all in agreement that we now have a translation that we are very pleased with! What is happening now is that the text is sent to the production company and to speakers. I would like to thank you for your good work and the flexibility shown in this project.

Henrik Klaar, MA-system Utbildning AB, Lund, Sweden

Original Swedish text (with final remark in English) from client:

Decator Translation AB är en svensk översättarbyrå som specialiserat sig på tekniska översättningar. Våra kunder är europeiska företag som tillverkar tekniska produkter och kräver högkvalitativa översättningar. Vi har därför valt våra översättare med noggrannhet för att möta dessa krav.

Janine Roberts ingår i vårt team av översättare och hon uppfyller till fullo våra krav vad det gäller högkvalitativa tekniska översättningar. Vi är mycket nöjda med kvalitén och får ofta beröm från våra kunder på de översättningar Janine gjort. Janine är en mycket duktig översättare som levererar med ”det lilla extra” och alltid i tid.

We can recommend Janine to the very best.

Decator Translation, Karlskrona, Sweden

Agreed English translation:

Decator Translation AB is a Swedish translation agency specialising in technical translations. Our customers are European companies that manufacture technical products and require high-quality translations. We have therefore chosen our translators with care to meet these requirements.

Janine Roberts is a member of our team of translators and meets all of our requirements with regard to high-quality technical translations. We are very satisfied with the quality she provides and often receive praise from our customers for the translations Janine has undertaken. She is a very capable translator who provides that ‘bit extra’ and always delivers on time.

We can highly recommend Janine.

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