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Webinars and presentations

In recent years Janine has shared her knowledge and expertise with her colleagues by giving webinars and presentations. These have covered two areas of particular interest to her: computer-aided translation (CAT) tools and terminology work.

Translation tools

In February 2013 Janine gave a joint webinar with Lucy Brooks on the subject of the Business of owning a CAT tool.

Subsequently Janine and Lucy gave a slightly shorter version of the webinar to the American Translators Association (ATA) under the title “CAT tools: Friend or Foe, The business aspects of owning a CAT tool”.

As a long-time CAT tool user Janine has extensive experience of the business environment surrounding the use of such tools and Lucy and Janine discussed the many issues that translators need to consider before investing in and using such tools. As a follow-up to this webinar Janine was interviewed by Tess Whitty of Marketing Tips for Translators in Episode 91: Using our CAT-tools to our advantage in our freelance translation business.

In October 2016 Janine gave a series of two webinars for eCPD on Making the most of your CAT tool for users of MemoQ. Janine explains and demonstrates in MemoQ how to perform tasks that translators regularly encounter in their work.

Find information here:

Part 1

Part 2

Terminology work

Janine has been involved in terminology work for Scania for a number of years and gave a talk to the ITI East Midlands Regional Group in October 2015 on terminology management. This aroused considerable interest and she was subsequently invited to give the same presentation to the ITI London Regional Group (ITI LRG) in April 2016. Photographs from this presentation are shown. Keith Baddeley gave a detailed report on this presentation in the LRG’s newsletter (page 6).

In May 2017 Janine teamed up with one of the Scania terminologists Kerstin Lindmark to give a presentation on Terminology work at Scania – Working our terminology core: for strong(er) translation support at the ITI conference in Cardiff.

In this presentation Janine and Kerstin explained how the terminology required during product development and in order to keep track of parts and functions provides a solid basis for translation processes.

In addition to manufacturing trucks and buses Scania also produces and sells information, which has to be translated into more than 20 different languages. A terminology database called Scania Lexicon has been created to manage and standardise the terminology required and they explained that although terminology work was time-consuming and expensive, Scania considered it to be worthwhile and cost-effective and illustrated this with a cost-benefit analysis.

The talk also discussed Janine’s role as a terminology validator for Scania and her close collaboration with the Scania terminologists.

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