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Feature articles written by Sandy Morrison

Over the years, I have written a large number of feature articles – I’m guessing at 200-300; might even be more. Most of these were relevant to a particular time and readership, some were highly technical and few are now of any conceivable interest to a wider audience.

However, there are a few exceptions and I have added some of these to the website in PDF format. Please note that:

Essentially there are two distinct types of features:

Those currently available on the site are:

Published in Surface Coatings International:

Technology review: digital printing technologies and markets

Published on the business website SpecialChem4Coatings:

Virtual perfection: the art of counterfeiting and the science of prevention

Published in a limited-circulation science fiction magazine:

Flying high underground: a visit to a Swedish air museum

Yesterday’s futures: Dan Dare & the birth of hi-tech Britain

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