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If you are not experienced in ordering translations/proofreading or in dealing with UK companies you may find this information helpful.

VAT (TVA, MOMS, MwSt) Number

Proofreading and revision: what’s the difference?

Proofreading strictly means the checking of printer’s proofs or similar material. Errors are marked up to allow minor corrections in spelling or layout to be made. However, nowadays much more extensive revision or editing of texts is often referred to as proofreading. So if you ask for a document to be proofread we will always check with you exactly what you require.

The kind of revision undertaken routinely by Sandy may include anything that makes the text easier for the reader to follow. This can extend to revising the layout of tables, advising on changes to diagrams, incorporating explanations of technology which may not be familiar to the intended readership, raising queries with authors on technical matters and revising sub-headings, etc. And that is in addition to correcting errors in the English style or meaning of writers whose native language is not English.

Clearly this takes far more time than basic proofreading!

How we undertake revision/proofreading

After agreeing with you what level of correction you require to the text, revision may be undertaken by either or both of us jointly, depending on what is required.

A combination of Sandy’s technical knowledge and editorial experience with Janine’s knowledge of the native language of many of the writers can help to clarify any ambiguities so that you can get your message across most effectively.

Knowing your language: the problem of last-minute errors

If you are dealing with material in a language that is not your own, after the text has been revised it is still a good idea to have it checked again by a translator (or by another native speaker of the language concerned) before it is printed or posted on your website. We have seen all the following serious errors:

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