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JMR language services

How can we assist your business?

Do you need technical texts translated from Swedish, French or German into English? If so JMR Language Services may be able to help you. The business is based in Derby (England) and run by experienced technical translator Janine Roberts, who specialises in the translation of technical material for industry.

She works closely with her partner Sandy Morrison, a technical editor with a background in industrial R&D and QC.

We specialise in particular in the road and rail transport sector and have extensive experience of translating a wide range of documents for companies working in this sector.

We also offer proofreading/text revision services aimed in particular at documents written by non-native speakers of English, and some other technical services in English.

Please contact us to discuss your translation requirements.

Not sure whether we can meet your needs?

You can find more details about us including testimonials from clients elsewhere on this site – qualifications, experience etc.

The services we offer are also described in detail.

If you are not experienced in ordering translations or in dealing with UK companies, may we suggest you read our Advice to clients page.

Technical translation with a flair, for industry and commerce

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